Coaching         $150/month
  • Cayenne Endurance Sports training programs are designed to meet your specific needs, fitness level, and ability.  Our workouts are built to deliver the best possible results while reducing the risk of injury.  Our methodologies have been successfully used by athletes completing their first 5k or sprint triathlon, qualifying for World and U.S. Championships, or simply reaching personal goals across all distances.  Contact us today to get started on your path to setting personal records at your next event.
Video Analysis/Biomechanical Assessment         $100-$200
  • Proper biomechanics are a key component of achieving optimal results.  Improving swimming, biking, and running economy provides greater speed with equal energy.  Successfully altering biomechanics provides Free Speed.  Sound biomechanics reduce the risk of injury, accelerate recovery, and eliminate the loss of power through wasteful motion.  Utilizing video analysis software, we are able to measure and assess your current form and compare it to standards set by elite athletes.  Included in this assessment is a Personal Coaching Session and DVD recording of your meeting.
Training Plans          $50
  • Having a plan is vital to achieving your goal.  Our plans incorporate a variety of workout types designed to fully develop the athlete’s fitness.  From 5k’s to iron-distance triathlons, we provide the fundamental workouts to help you complete your goal event.
Personal Coaching Session                    $50
  • Whether it’s a review of your technique or perhaps you’d like extra motivation to push through a tough workout, our coaches are available to provide expert guidance and advice.  Personal Coaching Sessions are ideal for scheduling field test, which can be used to determine proper training intensity.  Take your training to the next level by scheduling a Personal Coaching Session today.
Race Preparation                    $50
  • You put a lot of time and effort into training for your key race.  Let us help you execute at your full capacity on race day.  In this session, you and your coach will discuss:
    • Race morning expectations
    • Nutrition/hydration strategies
    • Tapering for peak performance
    • Proper pacing for each segment of the race
    • Course management
    • Mental skills to remain focused throughout the race
  • Cayenne Endurance Sports coaches have successfully qualified athletes for Ironman Hawaii World Championships, Ironman 70.3 World Championships, 5150 US Championships, as well as led hundreds of first-time athletes to complete marathons and half-marathons.  Our proven methods will help you race to your full potential.
Race Scheduling/Season Planning                   $50
  • Choosing which events to race can be a challenge for today’s busy athlete.  With so many opportunities available, it may be difficult to decide which distances and how often you should race.  Cayenne Endurance Sports has assisted in scheduling races for athletes throughout the country.  We have the insight and resources to suggest great events both near and far to help you design a race schedule that’s both practical and exciting.  Make the most of your hard work by racing the right amount of events and distances for your busy lifestyle.
Triathlon/Run Clinics         (contact for pricing)
  • Cayenne Endurance Sports’ clinics are designed for your specific needs.  Our flexible format makes it possible to conduct 1 to 3 day clinics at a location convenient to you.  These comprehensive clinics will introduce you to the sports of triathlon or running and prepare you to take the next leap in improving your current performance.  Novice to intermediate athletes, as well as those curious about endurance sports will benefit from our unique classroom lectures and hands-on instructions.   Participants will have the opportunity to apply newly learned techniques through various drills and practice sessions.  Contact us today to discuss how we can help you, your friends or club become better endurance athletes.